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Earlier this week I talked about the impact social media had on the Motrin ad campaign. Here’s lesson two: social media can turn quickly — one way or the other. Already it seems as if the turmoil over the Motrin campaign has died down. Karlene Lukovitzwrote a more detailed article about the fleeting nature of the Motrin uproar. This fleeting nature is why so many companies choose to ignore questions posed through social media. Right when you decide to jump into the conversation — and for many companies, this decision could take days or even weeks — the conversation is already over.


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I feel that as a blogger and a member of the PR and advertising industries I would be doing a disservice to not comment on the Motrin vs. Mom Bloggers news that is everywhere right now. If you haven’t seen the Motrin ad, here’s a YouTube link.

I’m amazed by the media frenzy this “social media case” has provided. There are a number of businesses who have been slammed by social media. It is simply part of the process. And every time I try to convince a client to create a blog or a Twitter account, they shy away because of these bad cases. But, this is where our industries are headed. People want to have a voice in the news and the comment function readily allows that.

So what’s the lesson learned by Motrin? Don’t do ads? Well, we know that isn’t going to happen. This is simply a lesson that every PR professional needs to be prepared for the impact social media may have on their clients. Just because your client isn’t jumping out into the social media realm with YouTube videos, tweets, blogs and flickr photos of their own doesn’t mean social media won’t affect them. You must proactively be prepared for a “social media crisis” and how you and your clients will respond to true and false social media news.

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