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The headline of this post might be a little misconceiving. It is my belief that the point of LinkedIn is to connect and either add business partnerships or find a new job. Well, neither of those have happened yet for me. I have, however, found success connecting with my past fellow employees and with people I hope to network with in the future.

I did read an interesting Reuters article today about the economic crisis boosting the usage of LinkedIn as laid-off employees seek jobs.

I’m one of the thankful and lucky ones that still has a job, and I’m at a business with strong ethics and practices that spell success for it (and hopefully for me) for the future. However, I am feeling extra lucky that I have already immersed myself in social media and online recruiting that will keep me “up to date” in the marketplace.

The Reuters article includes an interview with a mid-50s woman who is just getting signed up to LinkedIn. It is good to already be there, know how it works and connecting with friends and employers to create an online network that may come in handy some day. At the very least, I’ve already met people with similar intersts that are simply nice to talk with. So, if you haven’t signed up, go ahead. It may one day be well worth it.

Please feel free to come say hi to me at my LinkedIn profile.


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