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For a company publication, there are a few “typical” departments who could lead your publication. Choosing one is an important decision and can play a large role in the success of the publication and the overall direction the publication takes. Here are a few departments who naturally oversee your publication.

1. Employee Relations / Human Resources. When creating an employee publication, your employee relations / human resources department is an obvious choice. This group of people is already focused on your employees. It will keep the employees’ best interests at heart.

2. Corporate Communications. The great thing about the corporate communications team running the publication is that its team members should already be great writers. They understand grammar and punctuation. They get the details, which can help make the publication a great one. Also, they typically know the company news, thus story ideas should be readily available.

3. Marketing. The marketing team will typically think of the multiple ways the publication can be used. Even if it is an employee publication, the marketing team will add its spin to the publication to make it worthwhile to advancing the company. Plus, they will know what information needs to be included in the publication to help gain new customers.

Now, I have worked with numerous editors from these different departments who have been able to combine the benefits of each group to their publication’s benefit. Ideally, that is what you will find. Someone who can keep the employees’ needs at heart, help advance the organization and keep the quality of the publication high through strong editing.

As I said in an earlier post, I believe the best situation is to let an out-of-house organization (like a PR firm) run your in-house publication. However, any publication still has to have a company department and / or editor in charge. Picking the right department, in a way, confirms how you want your publication run and what purpose you want it to have, so choose wisely.


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I’m only a few posts in to the new direction of this blog, and I already feel like I need to make a clarification. I’m talking here about publications. Now, I realize that the automatic reaction when I say “publication” is to think of a printed newsletter or magazine, but this is only one piece of the puzzle.

In today’s Web 2.0 world, social media is a buzz word and companies keep asking how they can use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc., to connect not only with their customers but with their employees as well. Online publications are one way.

You can have a publication solely online. Don’t restrict yourself to printed items that have to be mailed. While there are some industries that definitely need the latter, as the population becomes more tech savvy there will be more companies that can successfuly achieve the purpose of an internal publication through an online publication. Future posts will get into more of the details of strategies and functions an online publication can have, but for now I just want to ensure your mind is open to a publication world beyond the printed word.

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