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The Associated Press plans to cut 10 percent of its workforce in 2009. What makes this especially interesting is that daily newspapers were cutting staff and thus were needing to rely more on AP copy or completely burn out their newsrooms. If everyone keeps cutting, who is going to be left to write our news? Enter social media. The people will write their own news, possibly making the entire newspaper industry obsolete at some point down the road.


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Christian Science Monitor and PC Magazine are both pulling their issues off the shelves in favor for online versions. This is simply where things are headed — here’s a great post about this. 

It may sound horrible since I am in PR, but I do not subscribe to one newspaper, and I only subscribe to one magazine (it was actually a free subscription). However, I am very loyal to numerous publications. I read them daily — online. I’m very interested to see what the next one, three and five years holds for the newspaper industry.

It is actually particularly interesting here in San Antonio where I work. The San Antonio Express-News and KENS (our local CBS aviliate) have partnered for nine years to provide content for MySA.com — the best site, in my opinion, for news in San Antonio. However, that partnership will end in January.

What stinks is that now, more than ever, this partnership was great for San Antonia. MySA allowed users to upload content. Videos were incorporated. Blogs contained regular posts. It was a good step toward a fully interactive site that captured the visitor.

Now we all stand in wait to see what’s next for the paper, the station and the city of San Antonio. This is the perfect opportunity for other local Web sites to step up and take control of the marketplace, but as of now, it doesn’t seem like anyone is seizing the chance.

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