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I’ve had the privilege of working with the top contractor in the state of Texas in addition to some of the top construction companies in the city of San Antonio. For some, I have been able to work on their employee publications, but for others, I have simply seen the need for a publication.

Photo by James C. Mattison

Photo by James C. Mattison

For one, construction companies typically have a diverse list of capabilities. Why not showcase your range of abilities through a marketing publication sent to your current customers and potential customers. Showcase how you used a new type of concrete to build your latest project. Outline how you shaved two months off a project’s schedule through pre-mobilization planning. Tell how you worked hand-in-hand with the project’s engineers to save the customer money. Stories like this will reconfirm your customers’ choice in contracting you and hopefully show others why they should use your company for their next project. Also, it will show the customer you built a hospital for why it should consider you for its next multi-purpose building. 

 Secondly, turnover is typically high among construction companies’ employees. To help keep your employees working for you and not switching to your competitor, think about starting an employee publication. Tell your employees about the great benefits you offer. Help them see the company’s future. Let them know that things are still going well — especially in today’s economic times. Talk about your new training programs. Thank them for their hard work. The more you can stay in front of your employees, the better. This is especially true if your organization is spread across a state or even the country. Help your employees know that they matter to you.

Finally, the publication can serve as a recruitment piece. With one magazine you can show recent graduates why your company is a great place to work. They’ll see the projects that you have been a part of. They can see the benefits you offer your employees. A publication can be a great introduction to your organization.


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For any company publication, an editorial board plays an important role in ensuring a variety of voices are represented. It helps keep the coverage widespread and, typically, will help ensure the goals of the publication are met. Because of these important end results, it is important that you choose your editorial board carefully.

Photo By Mary Ann Muher

Photo by Mary Ann Mulhern

1. Find people who will work well together. Editorial board meetings are often filled with heated discussions and debates. Because of this, it is important to choose editorial board members who will stay cool under fire. You need even-tempered people who can debate but also discuss. You want to keep out people who will try to monopolize the editorial board meetings and instead find people who are team players. Choose those who will put their personal vendettas aside for the good of the publication.

2. Pick opinionated people. While this may appear to be in contrast to reason No. 1, but it actually is right in line. You don’t want to choose editorial board members who will sit on the sidelines and not contribute. Frankly, it is a waste of a seat. You need people who will bring ideas to the table, represent the company and help make the decisions that drive the publication forward.

3. Represent the company. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts how important it is for one group to not monopolize the publication. Whether the publication is going to your customers or to your employees, more than likely the goal is to well-represent your company to its fullest. That means showcasing different departments or divisions. When choosing your editorial board members, ensure you have people who represent all facets of the company. This way, when they bring story ideas to the table, you hear the great works from all across your organization.

4. Choose a leader. It is true that everyone can’t be a leader, but someone needs to be. There has to be a person who can break ties and make the decisions that no one else is willing to make. This person also needs to be willing to stand up for the editorial board if and when a story or decision is questioned by outside sources.

5. Have a contrarian. On the editorial boards I have been a part of or managed, some of my favorite people to work with are the ones who voice the opinion that no one else is willing to say. You need the person who will stand up to the popular vote and help people see things in a different way. This helps keep your publication honest and, in many cases, keeps you from writing an article  or publishing a photo that could damage the organization.

What do you think? What are things you consider when choosing an editorial board?

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Many in-house publications are targeted at employees, which can serve a number of purposes.

1. Be a megaphone. An employee publication is an easy way to communicate a lot of company information on a widespread scale. If your company has a lot of news, this is one way to disperse it that you can ensure everyone will receive (as opposed to an intranet site that everyone might not log into).

2. Instill pride in your employees. An employee publication is a great way to show off the successes of your company and communicate them to your employees.  Show that your company is winning awards, receiving new contracts and recording high customer satisfaction. This will show your employees that the company is here to stay and has a bright future, which can lead to …

3. Retention and recruiting. Many industries are known for high employee turnover. An employee publication is one way to constantly remind your employees about your organization.  For instance, if your main office is in New York but many employees work in California, it may be hard for those California workers to maintain a connection with the company. An employee publication would constantly remind them of the organization and help them stay committed to your mission and goals.

4. Document your company’s history. Hopefully your company is here to stay and will be around for the next 25, 50 or 100 years. An employee publication is one way to document your company’s history. You’ll be amazed 50 years from now when you look back at all the great things your company did in its first few years in business.

5. Recognize your employees. All companies look for some way to recognize their employees’ good work. Whether it is that front parking space, a raise, new office or an Employee of the Month plaque on the wall, employee recognition is an important part of maintaining a successful company that people want to work at. An employee publication can be a great way to recognize your employees and their hard work through employee spotlights and features.

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