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Doctors and patientDuring the past two years, I have been a part of at least three different hospital publications — two magazines and one newsletter. From my work on these publications, I have seen some great ways for hospitals to use publications to achieve various purposes.

1. Marketing your offerings. Hospitals have uncountable offerings. From community events to inpatient surgeries to outpatient needs, there are numerous things to talk about. A publication is a great way to talk to your community about what you offer. Talk about how your doctors are using cutting-edge technology. Introduce people to your groundbreaking research studies. Welcome new doctors. Ensure that when people think of great hospitals in your area that your hospital is the first on their list.

2. Donor relations. This holds true for any nonprofit or not-for-profit organization. A publication is a great way to keep your donors informed of what your hospital is doing and how you use their generous support to offer the best services possible. It also shows your donors that they matter to you and is a way to stay in-front of them year round — hopefully to generate additional donations.

3. Educate the public. One role hospitals have in their community is to keep the public educated. While this is often done through public relations and events (i.e., monthly health screenings), it also can be accomplished through a community publication. Use the magazine’s pages to talk about healthy eating, skin cancer detectors and the importance of keeping your children active. This is a great way to position your hospital as the one in the community that cares.


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