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I’ve had the privilege of working with the top contractor in the state of Texas in addition to some of the top construction companies in the city of San Antonio. For some, I have been able to work on their employee publications, but for others, I have simply seen the need for a publication.

Photo by James C. Mattison

Photo by James C. Mattison

For one, construction companies typically have a diverse list of capabilities. Why not showcase your range of abilities through a marketing publication sent to your current customers and potential customers. Showcase how you used a new type of concrete to build your latest project. Outline how you shaved two months off a project’s schedule through pre-mobilization planning. Tell how you worked hand-in-hand with the project’s engineers to save the customer money. Stories like this will reconfirm your customers’ choice in contracting you and hopefully show others why they should use your company for their next project. Also, it will show the customer you built a hospital for why it should consider you for its next multi-purpose building.¬†

¬†Secondly, turnover is typically high among construction companies’ employees. To help keep your employees working for you and not switching to your competitor, think about starting an employee publication. Tell your employees about the great benefits you offer. Help them see the company’s future. Let them know that things are still going well — especially in today’s economic times. Talk about your new training programs. Thank them for their hard work. The more you can stay in front of your employees, the better. This is especially true if your organization is spread across a state or even the country. Help your employees know that they matter to you.

Finally, the publication can serve as a recruitment piece. With one magazine you can show recent graduates why your company is a great place to work. They’ll see the projects that you have been a part of. They can see the benefits you offer your employees. A publication can be a great introduction to your organization.


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