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The power of social media is helping Longhorn fans to fight for their team this week. With the BCS rankings too close to choose a Big 12 South winner¬†(an expected national title game participant), Longhorn fans have created a Facebook group called “Texas did beat OU 45-35, lest we forget.”

You can read a full blrub about the new group here.

There were 3,800 members when the Bevo Beat blog was posted, and I’m sure that number has grown quickly. But, how many voters for the Harris poll or coaches in the USA Today poll actually are on Facebook? Probably few. However, the purpose of the social network group is not to solely gain members.
The purpose of this social media campaign isn’t to drive people to Facebook. It is to spur action to grab a larger presence on TV on Thursday (i.e., big signs with the OU-Texas score). So, what we may see is something that started on Facebook help shape the game Thursday night, OU’s game Saturday and the rankings on Sunday. Kudos to the power of social media and people’s willingness to use it. ¬†

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