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Mobigosee is attempt to create Mobile Tuesday to follow Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It seems like another effort to make me feel guilty about not shopping on those particular days. But, since reports showed that Cyber Monday had an increase in sales over 2007 — during a recession — maybe another designated shopping day is a good thing. Keeps people browsing and keeps people shopping. It also may further push mobile marketing into mainstream.


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Maybe it was just me, but I was a little disappointed in the advertisements that came in Thursday’s newspaper. For the past couple of years these ads have played a key role in my Thanksgiving — watching my husband, his family and my family rifle through them and choose things they like. However, this year the excitement was tremendously dialed down. Home Depot was the only store that really got anyone in our family pulling out a pen to circle the items they like. And consequently, my mom, my mother-in-law and myself all spent at least part of Friday morning at Home Depot.  

Maybe it was high expectations. I expected flashy ads and sliced prices in an effort by the stores to get more people out there Friday morning despite the fact that everyone is number crunching right now. But maybe the stores are doing so bad that they can’t afford to cut any more of their prices. Or maybe they expect people to shop on Black Friday no matter what the prices are because we expect them to be cheaper.

Any thoughts? How was your Black Friday shopping?

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